Our Story

Preserving the culture of Ulupalakua
Whether you are a seasoned wine enthusiast or just a pilgrim to Hawai’i’s rich landscapes and beautiful vistas, one thing is for sure: you’ve never been anywhere quite like MauiWine, nestled in the southern slopes of the Haleakalā volcano.

Like so many on the island, we’re not just craftsmen but also story tellers. Our vines are rooted in the rich history of Maui, and our wines are a big part of the story of a community that has made ‘Ulupalakua its home for generations. Visiting our winery and its people is truly a cultural experience, and the distinctiveness of each bottle makes for a tasting experience like no other!

Maui’s only winery began in 1974 with a partnership between C. Pardee Erdman, owner of Ulupalakua Ranch, and Emil Tedeschi, who came from a family history of winemaking in Calistoga, California. Between the two of them, they had both the rich volcanic land they needed and the know-how to work it into something new and unique. Together they identified the perfect growing location for the vines and figured out how to refit some existing buildings on the former Rose Ranch estate for winemaking. Today, our winery is built around these historic buildings, just down the road from our vineyard, which encompasses 23 acres of beautiful Maui countryside.

In the late 1980s, Tedeschi left Maui to return to his home in California, and the business operations were embraced by Paula Hegele. Under her leadership, we have continued to refine our products and expand distribution to 18 states and four countries around the globe. We also continue to develop the winery tour experience, offering tastings in the King’s Cottage and Old Jail, visits to the vineyard, and private events.

When you come to MauiWine, tour the historic estate, and taste our unique wines, we want the experience to be as memorable as the wines themselves. We take great pride in both our process and our products, as well as the heritage and hospitality that go along with them. Our craft is a big part of many local livelihoods on the island, and it is our privilege to share a little bit of this special place through both our distinct wines and our unforgettable visiting experiences.

Our People

Paula Hegele


For the past 25 years, Paula has led MauiWine and defined the mission of the company. She has set the standard of excellence that encompasses the winery, vineyards, and tasting room operations. Her indomitable spirit and enthusiasm set the stage for our work environment as well the guest experience here in ‘Ulupalakua. Paula believes in the inherent value of farming, for what it does for the community and visitors alike. With a great team at her side, MauiWine moves forward with the rich traditions of ‘Ulupalakua at its core.

Keone Labuanan

Cellar Master

Keone is a native of Upcountry Maui where he has experienced the wine-making process from the ground up. At MauiWine, he has worked in the vineyard, production, and now the cellar. As cellar master, he handles much of the process from crush to bottling. Keone is easygoing by nature but lets nothing slide when it comes to his cellar. We see his work ethic and attention to detail pay off in each wine, and his leadership skills extend to after work hours when he coaches local youth basketball.

Bryan Davis

Vine Technician

Born and raised on a farm in Kula, Bryan joined Maui Wine in 2010 where he applies his love of the earth towards maintaining a healthy vineyard. Under his careful eye, each and every vine is monitored and nurtured to maturity. Bryan is a creative thinker and loves to find simple, environmentally-friendly solutions to vineyard challenges—like bringing in chickens to help control pests and using ranch goats and sheep to naturally control grassy areas. A surfer, standup paddler, and all-around waterman, Bryan has as much love for the water as he does for the land. Bryan is truly at home in our vineyard where the scenic view extends all the way down to the sea.

Kele Irvine

Vineyard Foreman

Raised on a farm in Upcountry Maui, Kele has worked and loved the land his entire life. Today this young family man applies his trade as vineyard foreman where his experience and example lead a close team of hard workers. From netting to harvesting, Kele keeps our vineyard operation moving, and his kind and playful spirit keep the job fun, even on the hottest of Maui days.

Bill Long

Winery & Vineyard Engineer

Bill was raised in a small east Washington town where his family has been farming for more than 100 years. After high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard and attended the USCG Engineering School in Yorktown, Virginia. Here, and subsequently over 20 years as a lead maintenance manager at a medical company in Santa Barbara, California, Bill built the wide array of skills and experience that keep our winery running like a well-oiled machine. Since 2006, Bill has cared for our equipment and served as a “MacGyver” jack of all trades throughout the wine production process.

Joe Hegele

Director of Sales and Marketing

Joe grew up on Ulupalakua Ranch, working his summers in the vineyards where he began absorbing the wine making process from the ground up. Joe left Maui to attend college on the mainland where he earned a degree in business and ran a wine distribution company, selling and marketing wines for some of the premier wineries in the Willamette Valley. It didn’t take long, however, for the pull of the island to call him back to Maui where he could apply his trade and take his place amidst the incomparable landscape and heritage of his childhood home.

Beth Anderson

Executive Assistant

There’s never a dull moment for Beth, who handles a wide variety of responsibilities with the winery’s administration and corporate affairs. She’s been with MauiWine since 2003, bringing 14 years of experience with Maui Pineapple Company. Beth loves working closely with the land and learning more about the wine industry every day. She’s also pretty sure that her daily drive through ‘Ulupalakua wins the prize for “world’s most beautiful commute”!

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