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National Pineapple Day at MauiWine

Celebrate the King of Fruits on National Pineapple Day at MauiWine

Did you know Maui Gold® sells more than five million pineapples each year? The golden, crowned fruit is a big part of Maui’s agriculture and manufacturing industries, and a symbol of hospitality in Hawaii. Saturday, June 27 is National Pineapple Day and the community is invited to celebrate the goodness of this iconic fruit on Ulupalakua Ranch at MauiWine.

Pineapple Day specials include:

• 20% off everything pineapple in the tasting room including pineapple wines, pineapple food, pineapple shirts and all other pineapple merchandise.

How did pineapple wines come to be? According to Paula Hegele, president of MauiWine, it was an unexpectedly clever idea to temporarily produce wine from fruit that was locally available while they waited for the vineyard to mature. The first release of Maui Blanc, wine made 100 percent with Maui pineapples, in 1977 was an instant hit becoming one of the most successful Hawaii-made products. The demand for Maui Blanc paved the way for the creation of two more pineapple wines: Maui Splash and Hula o Maui, a sparkling produced using the traditional methode champenoise.

Fun pineapple facts:

• When it drizzles on a sunny day in Hawaii, locals call it “pineapple juice.”
• A surprise baby is a “ratoon crop.” A term of endearment referring to bonus ratoon crops that sprout from harvested fields.
• Pineapple regenerates so it’s easy to grow one, it just takes two- to- three years.
• 40 tons of pineapple produces 6,000 gallons of pineapple juice.
• It takes three- to- four pineapples to make a bottle of wine.
• Pineapples are great for marinades. They have bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down proteins to tenderize meat.

Watch a video of how MauiWine crafts its pineapple wines on this link: https://vimeo.com/132801316

MauiWine is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Reservations are available through Resy and are highly recommended. Walk-ins are welcome. A wait time may be quoted.

About Maui Gold®, the Product:
Maui Gold® is a premium-quality fresh pineapple with extra sweetness, low acidity, and golden, juicy flesh. Available year-round, this superior variety was developed over fifty years of careful, selective cross-breeding in Hawai‘i. Hand- selected by experienced farmers, Maui Gold® fruits are harvested at the peak of their ripeness. Maui Gold fruit can be grown elsewhere, but only Maui Gold® offers the unique synergy of quality in fruit, environment, and farming skill.

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