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National Rosé Day

Rosé, rosé, rosé, what a perfect way to spend the day…

Our new 2018 Rosé is officially released TODAY!

pear. marshmallow. watermelon. candied. starfruit. kiwi strawberry. tropical potpourri. pineapple. pink peppercorn. eureka lemon. morning dew. smarties.

Let’s get real… you’re gonna open me up first opportunity you get, and you should! Pretty pink wines like me are meant to be drunk right away, and with sunshine. We usually show up around spring and we’re often gone by fall, but in Maui it’s always rosé season! Sure, I look nice and easy on the outside, but you’ll see that I’m no small minded rosé, I’ve got some attitude and plenty to say. I’m bone dry which helps me stay bright and perky, I smell of strawberries and purple flowers and taste like citrus and herbs. Pair me up with a like-minded, acid driven dish and I’ll show off my soft side, just keep me away from the sweets.

PLUS, it really is rosé all day in our Old Jail Tasting at 2:15 pm – we will be sharing a vertical rosé flight, with 2015, 2017, and 2018 vintages in addition to our delicious Lokelani sparkling rosé.

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