A Rare Vineyard Experience

A slice of island paradise made available to few

A visit to our vineyard is not only a memorable adventure for the wine enthusiast, but a chance to experience the beauty of the island in an unparalleled way. Stroll between the rows of grapes and run your fingers through the rich volcanic soils that sustain our vines and give each of our varietals their distinctive character. In our 23-acre vineyard, you get away from it all and escape to a little slice of island paradise that is made available to few. At sunset, this experience offers an unbelievable perspective of the island that can’t quite be put into words. Join us outside, in the center of one of the most unique vineyards in the world. Experience a tasting of our estate wines that is designed to be as exclusive as the ground you stand on… where the flavors and aromas of our unique wines blend with the fresh mountain air and the warm glow of the majestic Maui sun disappearing behind the horizon.

*Booking requests must be received at least 7 days in advance and within 45 days of requested date.

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Private Vineyard Experience
Private Vineyard Experience
Private Vineyard Experience

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