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Rose Ranch Wine

ginger, peach skin, tangerine oil, apricot, honeysuckle. pomelo. asian pear. jacaranda, nectar flower, sweet basil root

First Release



3k cases

Totaly Acidity

5.55 g/L





Residual Sugar

3 g/L


Rose Ranch Wine

The beauty is in the art of blending. . . An often underrated aspect of the winemaking process, skilled blending is what separates a simple wine and one that is layered in personality and balanced to perfection. The ability to take attributes from different varietals and growing regions and accentuate each of them in a single wine is an art form. Kula stylistically is a young, tropical, juicy, refreshing white wine.


Rose Ranch Wine

Maui is just a white wine type-a-place, the heat and sunshine calls for something cold and refreshing, not to mention our local cuisine with its melting pot of exotic flavors tends to be elevated most appropriately by us white wines. Easy drinking, but with interest, and very food-friendly, that’s what this wine represents for us. We produce it in a style that can be enjoyed by everyone. A partnership with growers in California, as well as our estate grown fruit come together to craft a fun "Maui Style" wine.


Rose Ranch Wine

Drink me now, or if I’m well-cared-for, within the next couple years. I’m a gorgeous mutt, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I’m made perfectly for my environment, but I'm well-rounded and can hang with whomever, wherever. I’m extremely approachable, not your nose up type. You can put me on a white table cloth if you like but I'm equally, if not more comfortable at the beach or around the pool or whatever body of water I can find. Either way I prefer to be enjoyed mid-day, and paired with sunshine.

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