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90 Syrah - 10 Grenache


Maui County

Harvest Date

July 19th

First Release

2014 Vintage


355 Cases

Bottling Date

November 2017

Release Date

January 2018


Syrah 2.8 tons/per acre

Oak Type

Stainless Steel

Totaly Acidity






Residual Sugar

2.0 g/L


Estate Grown

Vintage: Early season rain provided good soil moisture for consistent vegetative growth. Weather during bloom was gorgeous which led to great fruit set. Weather for ripening was tremendous - hot days, cool nights, dry trade winds, and relatively low humidity. The result was flavor development, good sugar accumulation, and acidity retention.

Vinification: Grenache was harvested and crushed to tank and allowed to extract color for a portion of the day before 10% of the volume was bled off (saignée methode). Syrah was harvested from Block 2 and 1/3 went through the crusher destemmer and the remaining 2/3 went direct to press. The juice was cold settled for two days before initiating a slow and cold fermentation utilizing two different strains of yeast. Following fermentation the wine was settled on lees for several weeks before racking off, the Grenache was blended in shortly after to boost color and enhance fruit character.


Estate Grown

Rare—without question. This handcrafted wine carries the essence of a single mountain that pushes like a miracle from the center of the Pacific Ocean. Its layers of flavor, its uniqueness and its complexities are designed by Haleakala.
Syrah and Grenache here! While the Grenache was treated in a traditional saignée style, the Syrah was harvested row specific and fermented individually in small lots using varied percentages of destemmed and whole cluster fermentations. Dry, softly pink, and refreshing… perfectly Maui.


Estate Grown

Let’s get real… you’re gonna open me up first opportunity you get, and you should! Pretty pink wines like me are meant to be drunk right away, and with sunshine. We usually show up around spring and we’re often gone by fall, but in Maui it’s always rosé season! Sure, I look nice and easy on the outside, but you’ll see that I’m no small minded rosé, I’ve got some attitude and plenty to say. I’m bone dry which helps me stay bright and perky, I smell of strawberries and purple flowers and taste like citrus and herbs. Pair me up with a like-minded, acid driven dish and I’ll show off my soft side, just keep me away from the sweets.

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