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100% Viognier


Maui County

Harvest Date

July 21st

First Release

2014 Vintage


192 cases

Bottling Date

December 2017

Release Date

February 2018


1.5 Ton / Acre

Oak Type


Totaly Acidity






Residual Sugar

1 g/L


Estate Grown

Vintage: Early season rain provided good soil moisture for consistent vegetative growth. Weather during bloom was gorgeous which led to great fruit set. Weather for ripening was tremendous - hot days, cool nights, dry trade winds, and relatively low humidity. The result was flavor development, good sugar accumulation, and acidity retention.

Vinification: Harvested in two portions to offer a range of maturity. Fruit was chilled to 40 degrees prior to crush and pressed with minimal skin contact. After fermentation wine was aged briefly with French oak to frame the exuberant fruitiness of the wine.


Estate Grown

Rare—without question. This handcrafted wine carries the essence of a single mountain that pushes like a miracle from the center of the Pacific Ocean. Its layers of flavor, its uniqueness and its complexities are designed by Haleakala.
A more fitting varietal to grow here in Maui... probably not. Viognier has been thriving in our climate and is quickly becoming our flagship white. Luscious with rich tropical notes and a flamboyancy that is undeniable, this wine represents both the personality of the varietal and the distinctiveness of our vineyard brilliantly.


Estate Grown

It's not vee-ogg-neer ok... its vee-own-YAY! What's that you say? Over the top and flamboyant as all get out... yah I've been called that before. I am what I am, a big tropical boisterous beauty, love me or hate me. I'm in my element here though, I spend a long time on the vine getting ripe but at the end of it all I still have plenty of zest left for the bottle. Drink me now or sometime within the next 10 years! Ideally drinking me within 2 to 3 years would be great, but you can always call my makers up and ask how I’m doing at the moment.

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