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Maui Now Video on MauiWine

Maui Now Video on MauiWine

Check out the video HERE! In the crisp, sometimes misty air of ’Ulupalakua, with sweeping ocean views of Maui’s South side, the grapes of MauiWine grow. There are about 16 acres under vine, all carefully netted to protect against the determined birds, hoping to taste the grapes ahead of any human. “We’re the only vineyard on Maui, so every myna bird on the island comes up here during harvest time,” explains sales and marketing director Joe Hegele, who grew up on the ranch and gathered experience in Oregon’s wine industry. MauiWine’s flagship Syrah is the oldest varietal at age 16. The vineyard also grows Malbec, Grenache, Viognier, Chenin Blanc and Gewürztraminer grapes, which are around six years old. “You’re as good as your fruit; you’re only as interesting as your fruit, and that’s kind of our challenge in the vineyard,” says Hegele. “It’s not hard to grow grapes. It’s hard to grow grapes that are healthy and interesting in some way, so that they represent where they came from.” Where they came from. It’s a place that holds a history unlike anywhere else on the island. The land once known as Rose Ranch was established more than 150 years ago, and includes The King’s Cottage, built in 1856 for King David Kalākaua, who used to visit the ranch. There’s also a building known as The Old Jail, a stately office from the 1880s, now used for special wine tastings. Even the lab is in the old creamery, and crews still use an old mixing tank from back in the day. “Most wineries, they were built to be wineries. For...

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