The Experience

When people talk about wine, they inevitably talk about “place,” and for good reason. Wine is defined by place. The soil, the air, and the sun all go into each fruit. Our wines are inextricably tied to the unique flavor of the island and to the people who lovingly craft them.

We invite you to experience our “place” and the distinct collection of unique wines shaped by this incredible setting. Come in and find a seat on the open patio or in one of our historic tasting rooms. Get to know our knowledgeable staff or embark on a complimentary tour of the grounds. You might just find that you’ve discovered a whole new side of Maui.

There comes a moment on a journey when something sweet, something irresistible, and charming as wine raised to the lips, wells up in the traveler’s being.

— Patrick MacGill —

It’s been said that life is a journey, not just a destination. So too do we believe that the MauiWine experience begins long before you ever reach our tasting rooms. Enjoy the scenic drive through the rolling countryside and soak in the crisp mountain air as the altitude gently climbs. The vineyard is nestled in the southern-facing slopes of Haleakala between 1,700 and 1,850 feet in elevation, and the winery is just another mile down the road. Between scenic glimpses that stretch all the way to the ocean, the journey is accented by massive eucalyptus trees and jacaranda trees that bloom with stunning purple blossoms in season. Here in Upcountry, life is slower-paced and everything is breathtakingly beautiful—it’s a side of Maui you have never even imagined.

King’s Cottage

The scenic drive alone is worth the trip to Ulupalakua Ranch, and as you arrive, you’ll find the historic King’s Cottage nestled in the lush Maui countryside. Many of the majestic trees are the same ones that would have greeted King Kalākaua and Queen Kapi’olani over 150 years ago. These last monarchs of Hawai’i made frequent retreats to the original “Rose Ranch,” and today we invite you to do the same. Hospitality is in our DNA. So settle in, celebrate, and relax amidst the panoramic vistas over Maui’s southern coast. You’re in good company.

We take pride in our deep-rooted hospitality.

Pineapple Wines

Estate Wines

Rose Ranch Wines

For us, wine-making is a community affair. From planting to bottling, everyone has a hand in the final product, tasting and tweaking along the way. We cherish every opportunity to sit down and enjoy wine with each other — we can’t wait to share that experience with you.

Wine is bottled poetry.

— Robert Louis Stevenson —

Here at MauiWine, we invite you to delight each of your senses as you enjoy a tasting through an intriguingly diverse set of wines. Many of our tastings take place in the King’s Cottage at our 18-foot bar made from a single mango tree, and we take great pride in sharing our wines, all handcrafted to reveal a bit of Maui’s agriculture with you. Just as the island itself is home to so many different landscapes, wildlife, and cultures, each wine reflects this broad variety, from our flavorful pineapple wines to Traditional Methode sparkling wines and exclusive small production estate wines from our 23-acre vineyard.

Before we get too caught up in the history of the ranch, we like to step back and reflect upon the land to which we owe our livelihood. Contact us to learn how to arrange a special visit to our vineyard and complete your MauiWine experience. Here on the southern-facing slopes of Haleakala, you can run your fingers through the rich volcanic soils that sustain our vines and give each of our varietals their distinctiveness. Just as the mountain takes care of us, we too strive to be responsible stewards of the land using sustainable farming practices. At an elevation of 1,800 feet above sea level, our 23-acre vineyard is home to Syrah, Malbec, Grenache, Viognier, Chenin Blanc, and Gewürztraminer grapes. The fruits of these vines thrive in this climate, nurtured in the crisp mountain air and long growing season. This beautiful hillside is where each wine picks up the essence of the mountain—layers of flavor and complexities designed by Haleakala itself.


Winemaking is all about guiding the fruit to completely express itself, and every bit of its personality, every intricacy is derived from how and where it is cultivated. After all, we believe that wines are grown, not made. Our island growing conditions are certainly one-of-a-kind, and as such, we strive to remain true to the distinctiveness that only our vineyard provides. Maui also grows the best pineapples in the world, allowing us to take these famed and iconic fruits and use them to craft our uniquely flavorful pineapple wines. At MauiWine, meticulous care, innovation, experimentation, and personal passion come together to create great wines with flavors that are unmistakably Maui.

Each bottle of MauiWine is a glimpse into where it was grown and the people and culture who crafted it. Through our personalized tours, we invite you to take part in the story of our winery with a glimpse of the unique history and island culture of ‘Ulupalakua. Our facilities are built around historic buildings, including stone structures that were part of the famously lavish Rose Ranch where Hawaiian royalty was entertained and a whaling captain spared no expense in making his home over 150 years ago. Experience the warm hospitality of the island, tour the beautiful grounds, and meet the people whose hard work and creativity are poured into every new bottle here at MauiWine.