We believe that wines are grown, not made. We remain true to the distinct combination of volcanic soil and climate conditions found in our island vineyard. Meticulous care, innovation, experimentation, and personal passion come together to create great wines with flavors that are unmistakably Maui. The pineapple wines we craft showcase the unparalleled taste of the Maui Gold variety. The wines we make embody the distinct climate and growing conditions that make this place beautiful and challenging.

Ulupalakua Vineyards, farmed by MauiWine, is a patch of paradise that rests along the southern slope of the Haleakala volcano. These handcrafted wines are distinct and rare. The land speaks for itself; each bottle embodying the complex climate and growing conditions of our island vineyard. Since 1974, our vines and approach to winemaking have been rooted in the traditions of our upcountry community: hard work, agriculture, hospitality, and celebration. 

The Rose Ranch wines, inspired by the historic ranch that once stood where MauiWine and Ulupalakua Ranch is now, have become Island favorites. We source from selected sites to create signature blends that are unique to MauiWine. These wines are the perfect complement for local fare and the Island lifestyle.

We invite you to experience these intriguing wines, including exciting pineapple wines, Traditional-Methode sparkling wines, and small-production estate wines. Each wine reflects the richness of the island’s landscape and culture.