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Rose Ranch Wine

decadent. long. rich. lasting. pure. luscious. drizzle. mix. sip.






400 Cases


375 mL

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Residual Sugar

Dessert Wine


Rose Ranch Wine

Remaining simple in composition and yet meticulous in process is key to creating this wine. Hand-picked raspberries, Haleakala rain water, pure cane sugar, and grape neutral spirits are the only ingredients that go into making this flavorful wine. Raspberries are delicate and require precise treatment to achieve the right taste. Fermentation of the raspberries is started, but at a specific point during the process fermentation is suspended with the addition of pure grape neutral spirits. As a fortified wine it remains very sweet and high in alcohol. Very little, if any, filtration is used to achieve the best wine possible.


Rose Ranch Wine

Our Lehua was developed in response to an overabundance of raspberries from local farmers who were looking for a place to sell their plentiful crops. We jumped at the opportunity to develop another partnership within our agricultural community. The demand for Lehua became so great that now, in addition to local fruit, we also bring in raspberries from Lynden, Washington, the raspberry capital of the world. This wine is a pure product with no waste; we donate the press-off from the raspberries to the Maui Culinary Academy, and they in turn make a raspberry wine jam that we sell in our tasting room.


Rose Ranch Wine

No doubt you’ll want to open me up right away, but don’t fret, I’ll be just fine for a quite a while, even after opening. Once uncorked, I can be very content in the fridge for months so that you can savor me slowly. I don’t often go unnoticed; I’m rich and decadent. I can be sipped, poured over ice cream, mixed in a cocktail, or used in sauces. You name it, I’ve done it!

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