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Rose Ranch Wine

red berries. baking spices. sweet vanilla. eucalyptus. lush. bright. juicy. food friendly.




3k Cases

Oak Type


Totaly Acidity

5.3 g/L






Rose Ranch Wine

The beauty is in the art of blending. . . An often underrated aspect of the winemaking process, skilled blending is what separates a simple red wine and a wine that is layered in character and balanced to perfection. The ability to take attributes from different varietals and growing regions and accentuate each of them in a single wine is an art form. Ulupalakua Red stylistically is a young, juicy red wine with subtle oak influences.


Rose Ranch Wine

We all need that go-to red that’s always open and floating around the dinner table. Easy drinking, but with interest, and very food-friendly. That’s what this wine represents for us. We produce it in a style that can be enjoyed by everyone. Beginning from a partnership with growers in California, our fruit source while our vineyard was in its development stages, today the Ulupalakua Red is now heavily influenced by our estate grown fruit.


Rose Ranch Wine

Drink me now, or if I’m well-cared-for, within the next couple years. I’m a beautiful mutt, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I’m made to be the best I can be and very well-rounded. I’m a wine that you can open confidently and share with others, and I’m extremely approachable. I’m not a snob. Yes, I can hang on a white table cloth, but I prefer being outside on a picnic table at a barbecue and with a bit of a view.

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