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kiawe smoke. dill. plumb. rhubarb. morels. wet forest. dates. tobacco. darkness. new leather. thought provoking. masculine. fig. green tea.

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100% Syrah


Maui County

Harvest Date

August 18th - 21st

First Release

2012 Vintage


402 cases

Bottling Date

July 2016

Release Date

December 2017


2.3 Ton / Acre

Oak Type


Totaly Acidity







Estate Grown

Vintage: The defining mark on the 2015 vintage was rain, lots of it! 42 inches fell steadily throughout the growing season. Controlling vigor and focusing the vines efforts towards the fruit, this is always our focus, 2015 just made us work harder for it. The 2015 wines are more vibrant, acid-driven wines with lower alcohols. Wines that are delicate and charming, generously aromatic, structured and lengthy.

Vinification: Block 1 and 18 rows of block 3 were harvested and separated into 8 small fermentations based on physiological ripeness. Each is treated individually based on their strengths and personality. Each lot 100% destemmed into stainless steel fermenters. A 6 day cold-soak, followed by 15 days of fermentation and 28 days of post-fermentation maceration. Extraction methods determined by daily tastings including tradition punch downs and pump-overs.p>


Estate Grown

Rare—without question. This handcrafted wine carries the essence of a single mountain that pushes like a miracle from the center of the Pacific Ocean. Its layers of flavor, its uniqueness and its complexities are designed by Haleakala.
Each vintage is at the grace and mercy of Mother Nature. Wine reflects the place it was grown, it also reflects the time it was grown. With a year capped off by hurricane Iselle, this bottle of Syrah represents one of the most distinctive places in the world and one of the wildest and most surprising vintages we’ve ever had.


Estate Grown

Once you get past my bright raspberry shell, I’m actually full of minerality and spice. I’ve been called many things, but mostly they’ll call me elegant, outdoorsy, and stylish. I'm not sure if you've heard... but I'm kind of a big deal in my vineyard. I'm the oldest, most successful, most clever, and the envy of all the other varietals. Drink me now or sometime within the next 10 years, longer if you have nice conditions for me to hang out in, who knows how interesting I'll become as I grow old! Ideally drinking me within 2 to 3 years would be great, but you can always call my makers up and ask how I’m doing at the moment.

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