ginger, peach skin, tangerine oil, apricot, honeysuckle. pomelo. asian pear. jacaranda, nectar flower, sweet basil root


decadent. long. rich. lasting. pure. luscious. drizzle. mix. sip.


smoked cranberry. rose hips. earth. kirsch liquor. mulberry mint. raineer cherry. garnet. dried root. cran tea.


pear. marshmallow. watermelon. candied. starfruit. kiwi strawberry. tropical potpourri. pineapple. pink peppercorn. eureka lemon. morning dew. smarties.

Chenin Blanc

mountain mint. jacaranda. tamarind. tea berry. peppermint. tangerine peel. persimmon. hay.


red berries. baking spices. sweet vanilla. eucalyptus. lush. bright. juicy. food friendly.


yellow nectarine. dehydrated pineapple. green apple. puakinikini. ginger zest. graham cracker crumble. spunky. lilikoi vine. honey comb.


belgium chocolate. dark cherry. blueberry cream. sweet mint. figgy. pistachios. gushy


fresh strawberries. orange blossom. toasted almond. citrus. energetic. ideal balance. zippy. celebrate.

Maui Blanc

100% Maui Gold. fresh-cut pineapple. lively. tropical. crisp. playful. off-dry.


black plum. black cherry. au jus. milk chocolate. fire. cured meats. brine. sage. aloe. charcoal. raw. eucalyptus stump.

Hula o Maui

floral. fruity. unique. enthusiastic. captivating. fresh cut pineapple. lemon zest. bubble gum. lasting charm.

Maui Splash

bursting tropical flavors. fruity. fun. splash of Maui. sunshine. white sand beaches.

1992 – Maui Splash

The fragrant and tropical Maui Splash was released in 1992. Originally, only a few gallons of Splash were being made each month for a single restaurant. The wine was intentionally left sweeter in style and then was being used like more of a wine cooler. As we produced more, we began serving it in the […]

1985 – Reagan’s Inauguration

Maui Brut gained fame when it was served at President Ronald Reagan’s inauguration ceremony in 1981. This enormously unique and energetic wine represented the islands of Hawai’i at the President’s celebration and exposed the world to our vineyard and winery in Maui.