Chenin Blanc

This pale yellow wine, hailing from the oldest vines in our vineyard, is full of complexity. Aromas of lychee, honeysuckle, chamomile, elderflower, coriander, and kafir lime spring out of the glass. The palate will be delighted by lengthy flavors of lemon and Asian pear. This is truly a wine for food pairing and one to […]


Easy drinking, but with interest, and very food-friendly. Beginning from a partnership with growers in California, and on occasion blended with our estate-grown fruit. The beauty is in the art of blending… An often-underrated aspect of the winemaking process, skilled blending is what separates a simple red wine and a wine that is layered in […]


A juicy, light-bodied red wine with aromas of pomegranate, cranberry, fresh strawberry, and rose oil. On the palate flavors of strawberry and raspberry combine with star anise, orange peel, and a spray of ocean salinity. Pair this wine with a cheese platter, Kauai shrimp prawn curry, torched salmon, roasted turkey, Caprese, or a Mediterranean goat […]


Very similar to most traditional sparkling wines from around the world, our Lokelani is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Lokelani, like all of our sparkling wines, is made in the Traditional Method (Methode Champenoise). The wine is then aged on the lees (dead yeast cells) between 20 to 24 months. We use a […]


This wine is an elegant story of fruit and local fauna. Blueberry leads the nose, mingling with black cherry and cranberry. Aromas of local fauna, fresh lavender, and eucalyptus are detected. Flavors of pie crust, cocoa, and dried fruit ensure this is one you will want to have with food. Sip alongside a freshly baked […]


This rustic wine delivers a complex glass again, and followers of MauiWine’s Syrah will not be disappointed. Aromas of eucalyptus, forest floor, thyme, oregano, lavender, and rose fill the nose. On the palate raspberry, cranberry, and dark cherry character swirls with savory flavors of black pepper, sour tamarind, mustard seed, and pine. Let a glass […]

Maui Blanc

Grown on the slopes of Upcountry Maui, the 100% Maui Gold Pineapples used in this wine are handpicked, crushed, and pressed at MauiWine. Each harvest yields between 60,000 and 84,000 pounds of pineapple specifically selected from fields that are best suited for the crisp and clean Maui Blanc style. The fresh pineapple juice is pumped […]

Maui Splash

The development of this extremely popular wine was one of continual transformation. Over the years, Splash has changed not only in its style but also in its use and application. Originally developed as a bar mixer for Makena Resort, it was a very sweet wine. In time, it was introduced into the tasting room as […]

Hula o Maui

Pineapple is the “King of Fruits,” and Maui Gold pineapples . . . well, they are the King of all the pineapples! We select only the best to make the Hula o Maui. We look for almost under-ripe fruit to accentuate the fresh pineapple aromatics that are represented in the wine. Quite possibly one of […]

1984 – Maui Brut Blanc de Noirs

Our first vineyard release occurred in 1984 with the Maui Brut Blanc de Noirs. This was Hawai’i’s first estate sparkling wine. Nearly 2,000 cases were produced, which sold out rapidly.

1985 – Reagan’s Inauguration

Maui Brut gained fame when it was served at President Ronald Reagan’s inauguration ceremony in 1981. This enormously unique and energetic wine represented the islands of Hawai’i at the President’s celebration and exposed the world to our vineyard and winery in Maui.

1992 – Maui Splash

The fragrant and tropical Maui Splash was released in 1992. Originally, only a few gallons of Splash were being made each month for a single restaurant. The wine was intentionally left sweeter in style and then was being used like more of a wine cooler. As we produced more, we began serving it in the […]

2010 – Viognier & Malbec

In 2010, we planted an experimental .5 acres of Viognier and Malbec. Our vineyard is an exploration. Thus, we are constantly seeking innovation and experimentation in our vineyard, utilizing techniques and practices used all around the world and some specific just to us. There is no precedence and therefore no rules in such a unique […]

1997 – Replanting

Beginning in 1997, and continuing on until 2011, we underwent a notable replanting of the vineyard beginning with Syrah and leading to Malbec, Grenache, Viognier, Gewürztraminer, and Chenin Blanc.

2011 – Plantation Red Final Bottling

The last vintage of the Plantation Red label was produced in 2011. No other wines will be labeled with this name. The winery saw its first vintage of the intriguing Plantation Red label in 1994. Its design and name represented the agricultural history of the land in ‘Ulupalakua and its years of sugarcane production prowess. […]

1994 – 20th Anniversary

The Hula o Maui, a pineapple sparkling wine produced using the Traditional Methode, was released in 1994. Having been just an experiment in the first years of the winery’s inception, it was considered a crazy thought to produce a pineapple sparkling wine, much less to do so using the Traditional Methode Champenoise. As a sort […]